Can i have a single NSMutableArray in my multiple views application?

If you are having multiple views in your application, and in that case you want to have a variable accessible to every view, you should always create a Model/Data(singleton) class and define the variable in it. Something like this :


@interface DataClass:NSObject{

NSMutableArray *arrGlobal;


@property(nonatomic,retain) NSMutableArray *arrGlobal;




@implementation DataClass

@synthesize arrGlobal;

static DataClass *instance =nil;

+(DataClass*)getInstance {


if(instance==nil){ instance = [DataClass new];


return instance;


Now in your view controller you need to call this method as :

DataClass *obj= [DataClass getInstance];  
obj.arrGlobal = arrLocal;

This variable will be accessible to every view controller. You just have to create an instance of Data class.